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Mold Transfers

Mold transfers are a common occurrence in our industry, which can be planned or unplanned, and often require a great deal of work for both parties to ensure that the transfer is completed seamlessly and without issue. Sometimes your current molder is simply moving onto other focuses or going out of business, sometimes the parts just aren’t meeting requirements–there are many different reasons for transferring molds from one company to another. If you’re in need of a mold transfer, contact us for a consultation.

What to Expect with Ames Industries

Once we receive your transfer request, we’ll start initial discussions. These will include a piece pricing estimate to ensure that the cost will fall within your expectations. Once the estimate is approved by all parties involved, we’ll move forward with the transfer. 

Mold transfers often require a lot of information. We will request all 3D models, product prints, processing parameters, inspection data, and any relevant documentation available. These resources are essential for ensuring a smoother mold transition from the previous facility to ours. 

Once we receive your molds, we transfer them into our ERP system. Our tool shop will perform an evaluation on the molds as well and document our findings to include in the transfer sheet. Then, the molds will be scheduled for sampling, post-sampling product inspection, and final customer approval. 

When the mold is approved for production, and everything is documented accordingly, we then will wait on your production orders.

Why Choose Ames Industries

At Ames, we are dedicated to being your partner throughout the process. We are transparent throughout the entire mold transfer process, working closely with you to resolve any issues that may arise. We communicate any problems we discover quickly and work hard to resolve them as soon as possible. While your molds are housed at our facility, we will regularly maintain them through scheduled cleanings and inspections to ensure they remain up to standard. With us, your molds are in good hands.

Ready to get started?

Ames Industries is your partner in precision tooling and injection molding solutions. For more information or to request a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today.