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Ames Industries, Inc. is a trusted supplier of precision injection molding for the Automotive industry. We use decades of industry experience and insight to create quality, unique parts for our customers. We have the expertise necessary to provide precision injection molding of unique components and designs for automotive manufacturers and tailor our approach to each project to meet the specific quality and tolerance requirements set by the customer. 

We are here to drive you forward, offering everything from DFM insights to fast tool manufacturing and quick turnaround times on high precision components. Ames has a wide range of presses to handle everything from the smallest, most precise electronic connectors, to large housing and covers. Our facility houses nearly 40 injection molding machines in order to accommodate virtually every thermoplastic resin that your project might require. 

Injection molding is an important part of automotive manufacturing, producing durable and complex shapes at relatively lower costs than other manufacturing methods and at quicker rates too. Whether you are an automotive manufacturer for the commercial or consumer markets, Ames is your go-to partner for all of your precision injection molding needs.

Why Choose Ames Industries, Inc.?

When you partner with Ames Industries, you can be sure you’re getting world-class precision injection molding for the Automotive industry and beyond. We are your source for everything you need, offering our industry experience in design and mold development, providing a wide range of expert injection molding services, and offering several post-processing and packaging capabilities as well. All of these services are in-house to ensure consistent quality throughout the production process and to ensure that you receive plastic components that meet or exceed your expectations.

Ready to get started?

If you require precision injection molding for the Automotive industry, then contact Ames Industries, Inc. today! We would be delighted to learn more about your next project and how we can provide you with the injection molding services that can make your project a reality. Contact us today to request a quote and get started!