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Plastic injection molding is a vital part of consumer appliance manufacturing, whether for functional or aesthetic applications. Plastic components can be added for cosmetic purposes, protecting the inner workings of the appliance while presenting a finished, aesthetically appealing product, or they can be used to provide function and durability, whether through external fixtures, internal components, or more. Appliances always have to walk a fine line of having excellent visual appeal for consumers while performing reliably, and plastic components play an essential role in achieving both goals.

Plastic components are also a more cost-effective option, providing quality, durable components at competitive prices. Injection molding involves less retooling, fewer design errors, and better consistency. Ames Industries has a team dedicated to product design and development, allowing us to catch potential flaws early on in the process, create proactive quality management plans, and improve the cost-effectiveness of the production process for our customers. 

Regardless of the part’s purpose, it’s important to have a partner in expert injection molding for appliance components to ensure that you are giving your customers quality, reliable products.

Why Partner With Ames Industries, Inc.?

Ames Industries, Inc. isn’t just an injection molding company. We are here to be your partner, providing you with expert injection molding capabilities and extensive industry knowledge to ensure you succeed. We are a flexible injection molder with a wide range of options available to accommodate any of your unique challenges, with injection molding machines ranging from 17 to 265 tons and shot sizes between .37 oz and 21.29 oz. Ames Industries is here to take on any of your design challenges and stringent quality requirements to provide you with products that meet or exceed your expectations.

Ready to get started?

Since 1984, Ames Industries, Inc. has been a supplier of expert plastic injection molding services for a wide range of manufacturers, including the consumer appliances market. If you’re interested in partnering with us or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today with your next project to get started.