Injection Molding Problem Solving

Ames Industries has years of experience with injection molding problem solving. We repair and maintain molds to keep them operating at the highest level you expect. If you have old or worn out molds, we can examine them and address the problem quickly. Our injection molding specialists will take it one step further by creating a long-term strategy to help you better care for your mold in the future. Our problem solving process includes:

Injection Molding Problem Solving

  • Analyzing problem molds
  • Improving cycle times
  • Calculating mold repair costs
  • Fixing broken cavities
  • Assisting you with mold maintenance
  • Developing a long-term strategy to reduce your costs
  • Bringing parts back to part print
  • Providing a full inspection report

If you are in need of Injection Molding Problem Solving expertise, inquire today!


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