Electronics Part Molding

Ames Industries has extensive experience in manufacturing parts for electronic applications – from small connectors and components to large housings. We stay in the forefront of electronics part molding by partnering with clients to deliver game changing innovations – on time and on budget. From design consulting and rapid prototyping to high volume production, we can help with virtually any injection molding tooling or production need.

Electronics Part Molding

Put our experienced team on your team.

  • Shorten time-to-innovation
  • Solve production quality issues
  • Reduce cost
  • Global delivery network

Case Study

A customer had a lower volume connector application that was being machined out of G10. The cost of the parts was high due to the material and the machining time required. The customer was unable to identify a supplier that could provide the mold tooling and piece price to justify the migration from machined part to molded part. Ames provided a modular approach that allowed the customer the best of both worlds…low cost tooling with the lower piece price that molding can deliver. Read More.

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Connector Molding

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