Case Study: Medical Industry

Precision Plastic Injection Solutions for the Medical Industry

The supplier to a manufacturer of orthopedic devices was looking for a lower cost replacement for compression molded carbon fiber components. The application was for an external fixation device intended for use in the treatment of bone conditions including leg lengthening, osteotomies, arthrodesis and fracture fixation addressing periarticular, diaphyseal and other fractures amenable to temporary or definitive external fixation.

 System features include:

  • Carbon fiber components are radiolucent and lightweight.
  • Multiple frame configurations – the Standard Fixator, Ankle Fixator, Variable Ankle Fixator and Arc Clamp with Standard Fixator – that all share a unique carbon central body design.
  • Radiolucent central body includes serrated rotational and dual locking connectors with locking connector bolts that provide a mechanical locking mechanism with up to 120° of controlled fracture reduction in any plane.

Three vendors were selected to begin the project. In the end only Ames Industries, inc. was able to produce the parts to the print requirements. Part geometry presented many problems with maintaining print tolerances. The Ames team was ultimately selected for the entire project and all molds were transferred to Ames for production.

Case Study: Medical Device Molding

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